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Who we are

Based in the freezing north of Europe, we are specialized in quantitative research and panel building for social and market research. Our main focus is Denmark with an in-house panel of more than 12,000 panelists. On top of that we operate panels in Norway, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, USA and Australia.

Through our partnership with Cint and their unique global hub of panels, we can reach more than 980,000 respondents in the Nordic countries and 25 million panelists in 80 countries. This gives us the opportunity to provide competitive pricing in the countries we operate in, whilst at the same time be able to offer a global reach.

Whether you need sampling for a national or multi country study, we can help you get the answers you need.

We are able to provide sampling or full service solutions. So depending on your needs, we can assist with sampling, survey design and reporting and analysis.


We run our own panels in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, USA and Australia.


Beside our own panels, we offer competitive sampling from more than 25 million respondents worldwide.

Completes per year

Our highly engaged panelists are always ready to participate in research.

Targeting variables

Target specific respondents using the many profiling questions available. This means higher incidence rate and higher panelist satisfication – thus higher quality responses.

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What we do


Survey design

Reporting & Analysis

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